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What is Mormon Art?

What is Mormon Art?

A critical look at all of the traditional parameters one might use to define “Mormon art” and how the art of other Christian denominations might be able to teach us.

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Artists Featured in this Video (all artists are LDS unless otherwise specified):
“O Jerusalem” – Greg Olsen 0:37
“Jesus and the Woman Taken” – Kathleen Peterson 0:39
“Buck” – Michael Whiting 0:41
“Christ and the Children” – Harry Anderson (Seventh Day Adventist) 3:44
“The Second Coming” – Harry Anderson (Seventh Day Adventist) 3:49
“Christ in Gethsemane” – Harry Anderson (Seventh Day Adventist) 3:53
“Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda” – Carl Bloch (Christian) 3:55
“Christ and the Rich Young Ruler” – Heinrich Hofmann (Christian) 3:58
“For You” – Tracy Emin (Spiritual, non-religious) 4:16
“The Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence”- Henri Matisse (No specified religion) 5:39
“By Design” – Joshua D. Baird 6:43
“Weathering Autumn” – Rose Datoc Dall 6:51
“Woman at the Well” – Mary Sauer 6:54
“Jonah” – James Christensen 6:57
“I Did Raise My Voice That it Reached the Heavens”- Walter Rane 7:00
“Down Into the Water” – A.D. Shaw 7:02
“Buffalo Days” – Michael Coleman 7:10
“Joseph and Hyrum Smith at Carthage Jail”- Jay Dee Bawden 7:14
“Brigham Young and Wilford Woodruff Reviewing Records of the First Endowment for the Dead” – Casey Childs 7:17
“After the Storm” – Sandra Rast 7:33
“Piss Christ” – Andres Serrano 7:39
“Brother’s Keeper” – Trevor Southey 8:27
“Tree of Life” – Tammy Garcia 10:53
“Love and Luggage” – Tammy Garcia 10:54
“Sunflower (Interchange #1)” – Lane Twitchell (no longer LDS) 10:57
“Gas-n-Go (Red)” – Lane Twitchell (no longer LDS) 11:04
“Blood and Sins of This Generation” – Lane Twitchell (no longer LDS) 11:08
“Untitled (Crickets and Seagulls)” – Lane Twitchell (no longer LDS) 11:12


  1. Alex Glades on October 24, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    I just loved this video so much! :’D have you seen the Concepcion, Chile temple? There’s handmade unique artworks! And It’s so beautiful! <3 greetings☺️🌸💕

  2. Bureyeanne on October 24, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    There is also another angle not mentioned in this video. That is the mainstream art that is LDS in nature but not so expressed. In the world of literature for example there are over 10 LDS authors who have made the NY Times best seller’s list. Some of such works have a LDS overtones but are not outright expressed.

  3. Mary Richards on October 24, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Fascinating and beautifully portrayed.

  4. Garrick Infanger on October 24, 2018 at 4:37 pm