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LDS Gospel Topic Essay Highlights

LDS Gospel Topic Essay Highlights This partial review of the Gospel Topics Essays features (Fair Use) commentary by LDS scholars, Apostles and Prophets. Several topics are covered herein including: Seer Stones Treasure Seeking Polyandry Blacks and the Priesthood Homosexuality Historicity of the Book of Abraham First Vision Accounts For more information please visit

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Why Mormons Do Family History

Why Mormons Do Family History For more videos/LDS Videos, visit: – #TheLdsLifeYouTubeChannel, #TheLdsLife, #LDS, #Mormon, #TheLdsFaith

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What is Mormon Art?

What is Mormon Art? A critical look at all of the traditional parameters one might use to define “Mormon art” and how the art of other Christian denominations might be able to teach us. To read a full transcript and sources of this post, check out our blog at: Artists Featured in this Video…

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Cherokee Genealogy

For those of Native American descent, one of the easiest genealogies to trace is Cherokee genealogy. Thanks to the Cherokee being one of the most Anglicized of the nations, they put down much more of their history in writing than many other nations. As the Cherokee lived along and near the Eastern Seaboard, had much…

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LDS The Royal Line Genealogy

LDS The Royal Line Genealogy This is the most awesome Royal Line I have ever seen. Discover how YOU are related to PROPHETS, PRESIDENTS, AND FRIENDS:

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Keeping A Distance From Religion

Good logic and science require that questions be faced with an open and receptive mind.  Yet the notions of creation and a greater intelligence than ours are rejected a priori by materialists not because of the weight of evidence but because of rejection of religion. A primary reason evolution is believed by many is because…

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